Code of Conduct

Chapter 1.
Sankyo Kasei strives to social contribution through corporate activities, and fulfills social responsibility as a corporate citizen.

  1. Supply high-quality goods and services with safety and reliability. Achieve customer satisfaction.
  2. During corporate activity, take positive behaviors toward environment issues and endeavor to coexist with the earth.
  3. Support or participate in social and community activities. Fulfill social contributions.
  4. Ensure the safe and comfortable work environment and support career and ability development for all members.
  5. Educate and enlighten members to be qualified staff and social man. Respect human rights, personality and individuality in all corporate activities.
  6. Highly value the communication with society. As an open enterprise, disclose corporate information positively and fairly in a timely manner.

Chapter 2.
Sankyo Kasei operates in accordance with globally accepted fair rules.

  1. Comply with social rules. Conduct corporate activities in fair and free competition.
  2. Comply with the law and be highly conscious of ethical standards. No illegal or anti-social behavior.
  3. Strike resolute attitude toward anti-social groups and forces, and stay firm on exclusion of them.
  4. Comply with international rules. Respect the cultures and customs of concerning countries, and conduct corporate activities with high reliability.
  5. Take measures to prevent internal and external impacts that could happen due to computer and network threatens. Endeavor to appropriate management and protection of private and confidential information.
  6. On the occasion of an internal problem occurred, the top management should first promptly conduct cause investigation and responsibility clarification, and then perform strict dispositions in accordance with the rules, take necessary measures for prevention of recurrence, and disclose the information both internally and externally in a timely and appropriate manner.

Chapter 3.
We will take on challenges aggressively toward everything, and conduct with conscience.

  1. Always think from the customer's perspective, and act quickly with awareness and responsibility to meet those expectations.
  2. Act as a social man with conscience, endeavor to appropriate management of company information and other properties, do not cheat or confuse the public and the private matters or allow the occurrence of that. When acknowledge a situation that contrary to the code of conduct, information should be promptly communicated to concerning people, including top management.
  3. In order to realize corporate goals and self-dreams, we will endeavor to active self-improvement, proposal and discussion. Take on the challenge boldly without fear of failure.
  4. Actively participate in social and community activities as a citizen and build friendly relationships with society.
  5. Cherish thinking with consideration and compassion, and respect each other's human rights.