Quality and environmental initiatives

Guiding Principles

Sankyo Kasei Group contributes to society by continuously improving its management system based on the “Business Philosophy”, “Organization Philosophy”, “Human Resources Philosophy” and “Environment Philosophy” in the management philosophy.

  • Business Philosophy
  • Organization Philosophy
  • Human Resources Philosophy

Quality / Environment Policy

Action Guidelines

Sankyo Kasei Group, as a trading company that mainly sells chemicals, functional products, synthetic resins, electronical equipment, building materials, etc., will work on improving customer satisfaction and environmentally consideration.

  1. Quality Initiatives
    1. 1) Providing products and activities that meet customer needs with the aim of improving customer satisfaction and trust.
    2. 2) Strengthening of functions as a trading company and expansion of ability as a manufacturer through the operation of the management systems
  2. Efforts to improve sustainability
    1. 1) Concern for the global environment including climate change
    2. 2) Consideration for health and the working environment and implementation of fair and appropriate personal treatment
    3. 3) Enforcing fair trade
    4. 4) Strengthening crisis management responses to natural disasters etc.
  3. Compliance with related laws and regulations, agreements and standards agreed by our group.
  4. Continuous improvement and the appropriate management of quality / environmental management system
  5. disclosure of Quality / Environment Policy

Enactment date:January 20, 2015
President Kazuo Ogawa